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Natural Food Film - Pellina

Pellina is the natural film that allows you to keep food fresh for longer!
We create it by carefully selecting the design of organic cotton, and choosing suppliers of organic beeswax from our local beekeeper friends,
and organic extra virgin olive oil from the nearby western Liguria.
The wonderful thing is that once used, you rinse it and reuse it for months!


How Pellina is used?

• Spread the Pellina, initially it may be a bit stiff or not very adhesive, use the warmth of your hands to activate and shape it!

• Wrap the food and make Pellina stick to itself or cover a bowl and make it stick to the edges with the warmth of your hands.

• Now you can store and transport your food, you can also put it in the fridge or the freezer!

• Wrap bread, sandwiches, hard cheese, fruits and vegetables.

• Cover bowls, jars, trays…

• Use hot water and aggressive detergents.

• Put in the microwave,washing machine or dishwasher.

• Use in contact with raw meat and fish, oily foods.

Rinse under fresh water, if necessary use a little mild soap (like Marseille), spread or pat to dry. You can wipe it with a damp cloth/dish brush to remove any residue that has stuck.


Which one to choose?


XL size

Our largest format, contains a 45 * 50 cm Pellina, designed to wrap a large loaf of bread but very useful for covering a large salad bowl, the most larger vegetables and the bigger pans.

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Pellina Pack

L size

The perfect pack to start a revolution in the kitchen! 3 different sizes, one 20 * 20cm, one 30 * 30cm and one 40 * 40cm, perfect for experimenting with all the uses of Pellina, from covering a large bowl to wrapping half a lemon!

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Pellina Pack

M size

Contains 2 Pellinas 30 * 30cm, it is a very versatile size, perfect for pieces of cheese, suitable for a medium sized bowl, useful for wrapping sandwiches and snacks to take to school!

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Pellina Pack

S size

Contains 2 Pellinas of different sizes, one 30 * 30 cm and the other 20 * 20 cm. Two formats useful for covering bowls, wrapping sandwiches, cheese and keeping vegetables fresh.

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XS size

Format designed for lunches and snacks away from home, wrap the sandwich, turn the cord around your package and close around the button. That's it, the super eco snack holder is ready! Once opened you can use it as a placemat, practical when you are out and about!

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Product care


A delicate soap made from olive oil and coconut, scented with lemongrass, 100% artisan, specially formulated to be used with our Pellina.

INCI: sodium olivate, sodium coccoate, glycerin, citronella essential oil.

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Why use Pellina?

10 good reasons to use Pellina


Designed and created in Italy


Handcrafted product made with love


Beeswax from small and attentive local beekeepers


Healthsafe ingredients


Manufactured using ecological raw materials


Product reusable for months


Moldable and adhesive


Conscious choice of the companies with wich we work.


Indie fairtrade design

No plastic

Produced without the use of plastic


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