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La Gufa

Floral Honey

On the hill behind the house, at the edge of the woods, we raise our bees respecting their natural cycles, without forcing, avoiding treatments that are not allowed in organic farming.
We started 6 years ago with the first bee families, slowly we learned about this incredible insect and, with ups and downs, due to the difficult environmental situation, we continued the "La Gufa" beekeeping. Now, in our laboratory, we extract and put Acacia and Wildflower honey in jars.
The future project is to expand the apiary and produce the various products of the hive such as propolis, pollen and wax, the latter to be used for part of the production of Pellina.


La Gufa honey



This honey is a photo of all the blooms of our area, the hills surrounding Pinerolo, its taste is unmistakable, it has notes of chestnut, linden and all the spring flowers.



Honey highly appreciated for its delicate taste, the color is clear, sometimes almost transparent.


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