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The Place Where Nature is at Home 

At Laboratorio La Gufa we believe that a small change in every home can make a difference, it can be the first step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life.


Being part of the solution

The reduction of the use of plastic is absolutely necessary for the protection of our world and from this need comes the “Pellina”, a new way of storing and transporting food, plastic-free and rich in nature!

Our product is 100% handcrafted: from the choice of design, to the cutting of the fabrics, to the waxing and packaging, everything is done with our hands, this allows us to take care and keep every detail under control.


Natural Food Film - Pellina

Organic cotton


We buy our organic cotton from a company that is attentive to the environment both in the cotton purchase phase, from small businesses, and in the printing phase, which takes place with water-based pigments, free of toxic substances. We also like the idea that behind every design we choose there is an independent designer who earns a share of commissions on every meter of fabric purchased.

Organic beeswax


We are proud to use only organic beeswax that comes from beekeepers in the province of Turin, the wax we use is tested, does not contain pesticides, antibiotics or phytochemicals.

Pine resin

Food grade

An extraordinary product of nature; this is the ingredient that creates the magic of adhesion! Our resin is produced in Portugal and is food grade certified.

Extra virgin olive oil


Our organic olive oil supplier is from Liguria, the choice of extra virgin olive oil promotes the use of another Italian product, safe for health.


FSC certified paper

Our packaging is made of "Crush Mais", deriving from the residues of corn processing. The use of this material allows a saving of up to 15% of trees cellulose. Crush Corn paper is biodegradable, FSC certified, made with EKOenergy, GMO-free and contains 40% of post-consumer recycled material.

MOCA certified

Safety ensured

Pellina is MOCA certified (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food), all the raw materials used to produce Pellina that come into contact with food are safe for the human body even if ingested.


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